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How has the composition of marriages in Singapore changed over time?

Every year, over 20,000 Singaporeans decide to tie the knot. In fact, in the past two years, the number of marriages involving a Singaporean has been the highest since 1997. But do we know who Singaporeans are marrying?

As our society becomes more globalised, Singaporeans meet people from different cultures and backgrounds here and overseas. So it’s not surprising that we have a fairly high number of transnational marriages (between citizens and non-citizens). Every year, almost 4 in 10 newly married Singaporeans are marrying people of different nationalities.

Our society is becoming more diverse not only due to transnational marriages, but also inter-ethnic marriages. 1 in 5 marriages are between Singaporeans of different ethnicities, which is almost double the proportion compared to a decade ago.

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