NPTD’s Addendum to the President’s Address

The President’s Address delivered in Parliament on 19 May 2014 had set out the Government’s plans for a better Singapore over the next few years.

Singapore is our home and we are committed to seeing our country flourish as a liveable city and an endearing home. The National Population and Talent Division will continue to work towards our vision of a sustainable population where Singaporeans are the heart of our nation, where we have opportunities to pursue our aspirations, and which we are proud to call our home.

Pre-school children posing at a playground

Our focus is on the following three key areas:

  • Sustaining our citizen population through a supportive environment for marriage and parenthood, engagement of overseas Singaporeans, and the integration of new immigrants;
  • Providing more opportunities as well as quality care for our rapidly increasing number of seniors, so that they remain active in society; and
  • Taking a balanced approach to slow the growth of our foreign workforce, while maintaining a vibrant economy with opportunities and jobs of the future for Singaporeans.
  • For more details, please refer to NPTD’s Addendum to the President’s Address (103kb .pdf).