Population TrendsFacts and figures on Singapore’s population in 20181

Total population
5.64 million
Population density
7,796per sq km
Median age
41.7 years
Life expectancy at birth
83.1 years2
Gross monthly income
4,232 $

Source: Department of Statistics and Ministry of Manpower
More information on Singapore's population data and trends can be found in the Population in Brief 2018
2 Life expectancy at birth data is for 2017.
3 Income data is median gross monthly income (including employer CPF contributions) of full-time employed Residents, and is for 2017. 


Strong, bonded families are the heart of Singapore’s society. We want to strengthen our family-friendly culture and environment so that Singapore will be a great place to set up families and raise children.

Raising fertility rates is the only sustainable way to keep our citizen population stable in the long term. Immigration helps to balance the ageing and shrinking of our citizen population while we press on with our efforts to improve fertility rates.

Singapore has always been a diverse, multiracial society where people of different backgrounds, races and cultures live together. Our history as an immigrant nation has shaped who we are today. With immigration, our population has become more diverse. It is therefore important to strengthen the cohesiveness of our multiracial society amid the increasing diversity.


Singaporeans are marrying later. However, the median age at first marriage has remained relatively stable in recent years.

There were about 24,400 citizen marriages in 2017, compared to about 23,900 citizen marriages in 2016.


Our TFR was 1.16 in 2017.

There were 32,400 citizen births in 2017, compared to 33,200 in 2016.

What could this trend mean for our future?

Our TFR has fallen below the replacement level of 2.1 for four decades since 1976. A declining TFR means that the size of the younger cohorts will shrink. At the current TFR and with no immigration, our citizen population could start to shrink from around 2020 onwards.

Race & Diversity

The racial composition of our citizen population has remained stable over the decade.

Trends of inter-ethnic and transnational marriages also add to the diversity of our citizen population, and shape the texture of our society over time. Today, about one in five marriages involving Singaporeans are between couples of different races, and more than one in three is between a Singaporean and non-Singaporean. Our Singaporean families have become more diverse over time.


Immigration helps to balance our shrinking and ageing citizen population. We have tightened the immigration framework significantly in late-2009 to calibrate the inflow of new Permanent Residents (PRs) and citizens.

We take in 15,000 to 25,000 new citizens each year to keep the citizen population stable in the long term. About 30,000 new PRs are granted each year, ensuring a steady pool of suitable candidates for citizenship.


Our new citizens and PRs largely originated from the Southeast Asian region, just like our forefathers. The majority are in the prime working ages of 40 years and below.


Profile of new Citizens and PRs granted, 2018