Youths use big data to identify districts lacking in eldercare
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Youths use big data to identify districts lacking in eldercare

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Singapore is growing old at a rate faster than any society in the world.

At this year’s inaugural Data Viz Video Challenge, a team from the Institute of Technical Education College West addressed an increasingly important issue – the provision of eldercare facilities in Singapore, as the country grapples with an ageing population.

Team ShiMarson, comprises of three students – Dickson Kuan, Soh Shi Yong, and Marcus Yeo - who took six months to complete the data visualisation project.

They found that certain districts were lacking in eldercare facilities, especially in the newer towns such as Pasir Ris and Bukit Panjang. The team hopes that their work will draw awareness to the distribution of eldercare.

“As Singapore has always emphasised that we’re facing an ageing population, it hit us that we need to invest more on eldercare facilities,” said team member Soh Shi Yong, 17.

The competition, which required students to come up with innovative ways to analyse and present data, was launched by the Government Technology Agency in February. It saw 82 project submissions, with over 200 students from tertiary institutions participating.

“We think that this project will be able to reach out to the relevant authorities, and hopefully they will be able to get a clearer picture in a more interactive way,” said Soh.

The name ‘ShiMarson’ is a fusion of their names, with the trio pursuing a Nitec course in web applications. Soh also added that it was an opportunity for them to learn new things, by using data to find a problem and come up with a solution.

Drawing data from the directory of Eldercare Services, the team conducted a cross-analysis between the locations of elder care facilities and the Singapore census data. From there, they presented the results as geographical maps of Singapore.

Check out their video here.

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