World will have 43 megacities by 2030, says the UN
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World will have 43 megacities by 2030, says the UN

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residents, rapid urban population growth is happening in several developing regions as well. The United Nations recently released its annual World Urbanization Prospects, which predicts that there will be 43 megacities in the world by 2030, with most of them in developing regions in Middle East, Asia and Africa. At the top of the UN’s list is Greater Delhi in India, which is estimated to have a population of 39 million in 2030, a 37% increase from its 2015 population figure of 28.5 million.  

With urban growth comes a series of problems such as higher levels of crime, congestion and public transport problems. For megacities, their challenge lies in ensuring they remain a pleasant and liveable place for dwellers. Last year, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked Singapore as the 35th most liveable city out of a total of 140 cities – the Lion City’s highest-ever placing on the scale. The EIU cited Singapore’s educational achievements as one factor that boosted its placing.

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