What will Singapore’s society look like in 2030?
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What will Singapore’s society look like in 2030?

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Have you ever wondered what our society will look like in 2030?  Are we prepared to tackle the challenges of an ageing population? Are we as a society and community ready to enable all Singaporeans to age confidently with purpose, grace and dignity?

Take a peek into the future of our workplace and community through this interactive infographic. Experience how Singaporeans can continue to lead active lives well into their silver years, contribute to our society and economy, and enjoy strong bonds with their families and communities.

Want to find out how many people in your neighbourhood are of the same age group as you? Or how long someone of your age is expected to live? Play with the calculator!

Explore how we can turn challenges into opportunities, and grow as one inclusive and caring community, with shared aspirations and experiences.

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  • The data on Singapore’s population is for resident population comprising citizens and permanent residents as at end-June 2017. Data from 2003 onwards excludes residents who have been away from Singapore for a continuous period of 12 months or longer as at the reference period.
  • The resident population projections are based on a midpoint of a range of scenarios with resident population as at end-Jun 2015 as the base population. The lower bound scenario assumes TFR of 1.0, immigration rates of 20K SC, 30K PR p.a.; and the upper bound scenario assumes a TFR of 1.5 and immigration rates of 25K SC, 35K PR p.a.
  • In the calculator in Section 1, the data for resident population in the “same age group” refers to those in the same 5 year age-band and “people staying near you” to those in the same planning area. Planning areas refer to areas demarcated in the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Master Plan 2014.
  • In Section 1, ”aged” countries refer to those with the proportion of seniors aged 65 and above over 14%. “Super-aged” countries refer to those with the proportion of seniors aged 65 and above over 20%. Data for Singapore pertains to resident population.

Source: Department of Statistics, Singapore

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