The senior sophomore
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The senior sophomore

Screen grab of Mr Durge Kami

With his white beard and walking stick, Mr Durge Kami looks more like a teacher than a student. But the 69-year- old, who believes in life-long learning, has returned to school – as a student.

At an age when most Singaporeans would have retired to enjoy their golden years, the Nepali senior citizen attends school as a 10 th grade student, the equivalent of Secondary 4.

A man walks along a field lined with trees.

Every morning, he treks across fields, hills and tree-lined forest paths for more than an hour to reach his school in the rural district of Syangja. Clad in an immaculate blue-and- white uniform, he greets his teacher like any other student.

“Even though my teachers are younger than me, I respect them,” he said.

Four students play soccer in a mud field.

He not only studies hard, he plays hard too. During recess, he enjoys playing football and volleyball with the rest of his classmates. Although more than four times their age, he manages to keep up.

As a child, he did not get a chance to attend school as education was considered a luxury. Today, his dearest wish is to serve as a role model to people in Nepal and around the world that regardless of age or caste, it is never too late to start learning.

“I really want to study further in the future,” he said. “I want to lift people up.”

Watch the full video here.

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