The secret to having happy children? Hands-on dads
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The secret to having happy children? Hands-on dads

Father and daughter playing around

From assisting with the chores at home to helping kids with their homework, millennial dads are re-writing the rules of what it means to be a modern-day father.

Unlike fathers of previous generations, millennial dads are more willing to spend time with their children and take greater responsibility in their upbringing. Modern day dads tend to have greater expectations of their roles as fathers than older generations and are taking steps to ensure that they develop lasting bonds with their children. As a result, children who have involved dads tend to be much happier, with studies revealing a decrease in emotional and behavioural problems in the long run.

Over in Singapore, dads across different generations are also approaching fatherhood differently in order to bond better with their children and grandchildren. 

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