The countries most (and least) likely to be affected by automation

Automation is and will be a fact of life. But not all countries will be impacted in the same way, according to a new report by the McKinsey Global Institute. The study looked at 46 countries and estimated that between 40 per cent and 56 per cent of work done by humans can be replaced by automation. In the Asia Pacific, automation will hit Japan the most, with the study predicting that automation can replace 55.7 per cent of the work done by humans using current technology.

Singapore is almost at the end of the spectrum, with the potential for automation to take over 44.2 per cent of the work. But that’s not a bad thing, since automation will inject much needed productivity to economies around the world amid the ageing workforce, said McKinsey.

Can Singapore raise productivity through automation? How can you, as an individual, embrace automation?

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