The "Ang Moh" bus captain
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The "Ang Moh" bus captain

Angmo bus captain

Every day Daniel Ellis (above) goes to work as a bus captain, attracting the stares of people on board. For them, it is odd that a Caucasian looking man is driving their bus. But Daniel is as Singaporean as the people he ferries around. He may not look or even sound like a typical Singaporean but Daniel, who was born in South Africa, has made Singapore home. In fact, he shares many of the loves Singaporeans have for food, drink and companionship.

This Talking Point episode takes a deeper look at the rising diversity in Singapore’s population and examines what it means to be Singaporean. In fact, becoming a Singaporean is less about where one comes from, but the choice made to embrace this country as home, and to become a part of Singapore’s society.

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