Struggles of stay-home dads
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Struggles of stay-home dads

Father packing son back pack

In 1984, there were about a million men in the United States who were full-time stay-home fathers. By 2012, the number had doubled, a study by Pew Research Centre found. But despite the rising trend, the public still hasn’t quite warmed up to the idea of a man being a full-time caregiver.

While stay-home mothers and fathers face universal parenting challenges, it appears that dads have a harder time making social connections with other stay-home parents, researchers said. One reason is that there are so few men who choose to be stay-home dads that they have a tough time finding each other. And it isn’t easy for stay-home dads to reach out to other stay-home mums as the women, or their spouses, may be uncomfortable with the idea.

In Singapore, a small but growing number of men are also choosing to exit the workforce to raise their children. One example is showbiz personality Gurmit Singh, who decided to put his entertainment career in the backseat in 2014 to focus on his family.



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