Seniors shine at exclusive Olympic Games
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Seniors shine at exclusive Olympic Games


Age does not define a person, and for the 1,200 seniors competing in this year’s Michigan Senior Olympics (MSO), the phrase couldn’t be more apt. Since 1979, the event has been a leading advocate in the field of senior health and fitness.

For seniors, the games give them the opportunity to participate in competitive sports and mingle with a network of people with similar interests and lifestyles. As Becky Ridky, executive director of the MSO puts it, the event allows the elderly athletes to continue participating in a sport they grew up playing.

Indeed, it’s a myth that older people should give up exercising. Regardless of one’s age, exercise is almost always a good thing. Read more about 86-year-old Singaporean silver athlete Kor Hong Fatt’s marathon journey – one that started only when he was 71 – here.


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