Restricting immigration likely to hinder growth in UK’s economy
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Restricting immigration likely to hinder growth in UK’s economy

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A recently published report by the Migration Advisory Committee on the impact of EU migration warned about the economic consequences of restricting foreign labour in the UK. With Brexit underway, immigration policy has been at the centre of a long-standing political debate. Many companies are beginning to fear a labour supply crunch following possible migrant employment restrictions.

Contrary to popular belief, restricting immigration would not necessarily mean higher wages and better standard of living for UK citizens. In fact, many businesses may shrink or wind-up, driving prices up. It is projected to not just halt population growth in parts of UK, but also lead to a population decline in the next 20 years.

Singapore has been maintaining a careful balance in our foreign worker as well as immigrant flows and stepping up efforts to strengthen complementarity between the local and foreign workforce. With a moderate level of immigration, we can prevent the citizen population from shrinking in the long term. 

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