Motherhood through the years
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Motherhood through the years

Screengrab of mother and her baby

Here’s a secret about motherhood — not everyone knows what they’re doing, and many experienced mothers are still figuring it out.

Whether their kids are five or fifteen, these three women agree that motherhood is probably the most important experience in their lives.

“I love being a mom because I’m not the only one that matters in the world, and that makes life a lot more interesting and full,” says Georgene Huang, who has a five-year-old son.

Screengrab of lady hugging her child

For Rhonda Ramsey, having a 15-year-old daughter sharpens her priorities. “With having kids you have to become responsible for someone other than yourself. Decisions are based not on what you want, but what you need,” she says.

Screengrab of a mom with her two children

“It’s such a fulfilling thing to see that they’re going to have each other always,” says Mindy Darwish, who has a pair of one-year-old twins. She adds, “I try to remind myself that when it gets really difficult and I feel overwhelmed.”

Sarah Voll, who went through infertility treatments and eventually conceived her month-old daughter through In-Vitro Fertilisation, says, “I just want her to know what she wanted and how loved she is.”

They’re candid about the struggles of parenting. From sleep deprivation to dirty diapers to worrying about whether their 30-year-old son has eaten, each stage of life brings a unique set of challenges.

But one thing’s for sure, these women wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything in the world.

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