Meeting needs of the old beyond healthcare
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Meeting needs of the old beyond healthcare

Man helping out disabled elderly

With baby boomers hitting 65 at a rate of 10,000 a day in the United States, the country is realising that caring for the elderly goes beyond providing adequate healthcare. It requires an all-round approach that pays attention even to minor details such as transportation.

Transporting people to and from nonemergency medical appointments is often an unmet need in the country that regular taxis and car services cannot fill. Frail elderly often are unable to get in and out of vehicles on their own, and some need specially equipped vehicles with additional space for oxygen tanks and wheelchairs.

In Singapore, the Government is working to make public transport friendlier and more accessible for the elderly and the frail, especially those commuting for their hospital appointments. “Heart Zones” have been set up at Novena, Jurong East and Outram MRT stations, three train stations that are situated next to public hospitals. Staff from the hospitals are present at these zones to lend a hand to those making their way to the hospitals.


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