Meet Singapore’s Parkour Aunties
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Meet Singapore’s Parkour Aunties

Ms Ann warming up

Twice a week, Ms Ann Tham visits a park in Bishan where she twists through railings, balances on edges and rolls across the ground. The 64-year old is practising parkour — a sport that might intimidate people half her age.

What’s even more remarkable is that Ms Tham used to rely on a trolley for balance while walking.

“But after the parkour training, my legs became stronger. I managed to regain my sense of balance,” she said. She has since ditched the trolley and moves around with just a backpack.

Ms Tham found parkour by chance when she met Mr Tan Shie Boon, an instructor with Move Academy Singapore. She asked Mr Tan if parkour would be beneficial for her, and he invited her to try out the sport.

Two elderly doing parkour moves

During training sessions, 25-year-old Mr Tan takes care to work within the seniors’ range of motion.

“As a coach, Shie Boon would push me to do more but he would never overdo it. If he senses that I am starting to ache, he would stop,” said Ms Tham, who is Mr Tan’s oldest student.

Although the moves they practice are simple, Mr Tan said that parkour is not about the difficulty of the jumps. It is also about confidence and self-improvement.

He said, “Seniors are the category of people who are supposed to be the most afraid of this, and yet they have the courage and willingness to try.”

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