Limiting immigration hurts public finances
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Limiting immigration hurts public finances

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With EU immigration to the UK at a five-year low, the UK may be on a road towards dwindling immigration numbers which will lead to adverse economic effects, including lower public investment, higher borrowing, and higher taxes.

Global Future, a UK-based independent think-tank, warns of the trade-offs between reducing immigration and maintaining economic stability, supported by harsh numbers to boot. To put the numbers in perspective, the loss to public finances is akin to more than 23,000 nurses or 18,000 doctors.

Singapore manages immigration carefully through a balanced approach – taking in immigrants to complement the local workforce, as well as to mitigate our rapidly ageing population. 

While immigration has certain drawbacks despite its benefits,  we recognise too that overtightening on immigration can lead to serious implications for our country’s economy and population size.

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