Is parent parity a reality? One woman’s take
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Is parent parity a reality? One woman’s take

Parents with their sleeping baby

Parent parity is something that needs to be worked at and may include having to drastically change one’s life and work.

Gender equality in parenting is a discussion that many people have but few resolve. And as this young mother discovered, gender parity in parenting is also about adjusting and changing lifestyles.

Writing for the World Economic Forum, Ms Gabriela Rojas argues that there has to be a deep rethink of the labour system in supporting more equality in raising children.

In Singapore, the Government has led the way for more paternity leave to encourage a greater role for dads in supporting family life. The second week of paid Paternity Leave has been legislated from 1 Jan 2017, while Shared Parental Leave will also be increased from one week to four weeks from 1 Jul 2017 onwards.

Share with us your experiences or views on gender parity and how you think Singapore can do more to encourage this.

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