In the UK, ageism is a serious problem
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In the UK, ageism is a serious problem

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Is it normal for old people to be unhappy and depressed? That’s what people in Britain seem to think so. A study by the Royal Society of Public Health examining attitudes towards ageing has found that ageism is rife in the UK, and millennials have the most negative views about ageing. One in four millennials believe that it is normal for older people to be unhappy and depressed, while four in 10 feel that there is no way one can escape dementia when they get older.

Half of the women surveyed, as well as a quarter of men, also said they feel pressured to look young even as they age. The study recommended for more initiatives to encourage intergenerational interaction, such as housing nurseries alongside eldercare facilities.

Such initiatives to promote bonding between the old and the young have taken off in Singapore as well. Last year, the Lion City launched its first intergenerational common space by housing infant and childcare centres together with a nursing home.

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