Here’s how driverless vehicles will utterly transform how our cities look

By 2040, we may never get caught in a jam anymore, nor worry about staying awake at the wheel when driving at night. And if thispiece by Futurism is any indication, the future of private transportation will be radically different compared to today.


Autonomous vehicles in a smart city will be synonymous with an evolved urban landscape. The piece suggests several ways the move may alter the way we use space, the way our cities are built, and the way we plan our schedules. For instance, decrease in private motor vehicle ownership and more ride sharing could result in a reduction of parking lots in high-demand urban areas, which could then be turned into social spaces. 


Autonomous vehicles may become a reality here in the not-too-distant future – Singapore is currently testing autonomous vehicles on the road at one-north in Buona Vista, and the trials are going to be extended to the surrounding residential areas.

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