Grocery shopping in the slow lane
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Grocery shopping in the slow lane

Elderly woman in supermarket

A branch of Sainsbury, a British supermarket chain, has opened a “relaxed” check-out lane to ensure elderly shoppers are able to shop at their own pace without stress.

We’ve all been through this. It’s our turn to pay at the checkout lane of a supermarket and we suddenly can’t find our wallet, can’t decide which credit card to use, or worse, realise we’ve taken a wrong item and need to replace it quickly. We are anxious, the pressure is growing, and the queue behind us is getting longer. For the elderly with mobility issues, this can be a highly stressful experience. This is why the Sainsbury supermarket branch in Prestwick, Scotland, is trialling a “relaxed” check-out lane, for people who just want to take things slow. The lane features a hearing loop, and staff running the lane have been trained to work with dementia sufferers.

Across the world, more developed cities are adapting to older populations with age-friendly initiatives. In Singapore, the Government is working to expand the reach of the Community Network for Seniors, a consolidated one-stop point for seniors seeking help, by 2020.


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