From IT to fish farming
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From IT to fish farming

Aeriel view of fish farm

Mr Malcolm Ong spent 20 years in the IT industry surrounded by computers, wearing shirts and pants and working in an air-conditioned environment.

Now he wears shorts and slippers, spending many hours in the sun each day. And he’s so much happier. “Look! I’m in the sea, where you really feel one with nature,” says the CEO of local kelong, The Fish Farmer.

But making the switch wasn’t easy. “Nobody believed that we would make it,” Mr Ong says.

Determined to prove the naysayers wrong, Mr Ong combined his IT expertise with fish farming practices to make them more sustainable and efficient.

Monitoring device

For instance, he introduced a camera that counts and checks the fry they receive from hatcheries. Previously, this process took much longer as it was done by hand.

He also rears fish in as natural a way as possible, without injections, vaccinations and chemicals — ideal for customers such as Michelin-starred restaurant Candlenut.

Fish farmer at work

Mr Ong says, “We were able to come in and make an impact [on the industry]. I hope that I’ve set an example for others so that they can be encouraged to pursue their passion.

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