Creating people-friendly cities
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Creating people-friendly cities

Street view of Copenhagen, Denmark

As cities get increasingly populated, there is an even greater need to ensure that we plan more conducive, accessible and safe urban spaces. 

World renowned architect Jan Gehl recently shared about the joys and challenges of creating people-friendly cities.

He cited Copenhagen, Denmark, as one country which has undergone a large transformation, embraced public spaces in the city and given people more space to take part in activities and come together. 

Ghel’s work has influenced public space improvements in over 50 global cities including New York, London, Moscow, Copenhagen, and even Singapore

An inclusive space which exists close to home is the Enabling Village in Singapore. Located in Redhill, the Enabling Village is a community space combining retail, lifestyle and training in an all-accessible public space. It aims to be a place where people with different abilities can move independently, feel accepted for who they are, and be valued for their contributions.  

What other kinds of inclusive spaces should we cater for in Singapore? Will we see other densely populated cities continuing to design and build more inclusive spaces as well? 

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