Cities are getting hotter and hotter
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Cities are getting hotter and hotter

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The year 2018 looks set to be one of the hottest years recorded, with the planet engulfed in unprecedented peak temperatures. But urban areas are reaching sizzling temperatures faster than less populated areas. The poor and the isolated are more likely to suffer from the heat, than their more affluent counterparts, according to a special report by The Guardian. In the United States, immigrant workers were three times more likely to die from heat exposure than American citizens. Heat, the report warned, is on its way to becoming the next inequality issue if it’s left untackled.

Therefore, it is critical for cities to plan and design urban planning strategies that could help them prepare for the heat waves. For example, in tropical Singapore where it’s summer year round, the authorities are encouraging developers to build greener buildings to mitigate the effects of rising temperatures and climate change.

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