Children of working mothers grow up happy too
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Children of working mothers grow up happy too

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We hear it all too often – a guilt-ridden working mother who laments about not spending enough time with their young children. In many quarters, there remains the belief that the best scenario to raise children starts with having mothers stay at home. But a groundbreaking study has found that children of working mothers are just as happy in their adulthood as children of mothers who stayed home.

On top of that, adult daughters whose mothers worked outside the home were more likely to work themselves, hold more supervisory responsibilities, and earn higher wages than women with stay-home mums. Critics had asked if the findings might have nothing to do with whether mothers worked, but were tied to the mothers’ educational levels instead. After controlling for the mother’s education, the researchers still wound up with the same results – that a mother’s work experience is strongly linked to her daughter’s future work performance.

As for sons, their mother’s employment status had no impact on their careers simply because most men tend to be employed. But what the study did find was that this group of men spent an extra 50 minutes each week caring for their family members, more than sons with stay-home mothers.

In Singapore, more women are participating actively in the workforce. Read about a mumpreneur’s experience on heading back to work after childbirth here.

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