Caring for your baby… in the office
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Caring for your baby… in the office

Working mom in the office

Ms Rebecca Slaughter, a 36-year-old mother of three, heads to work as a FTC commissioner each day with her 2-month-old daughter, strapped to her chest.

Her colleagues support her move to bring her baby to the workplace, and her office allows her the space and privacy to nurse her baby and pump breastmilk. It’s also quiet, which means her daughter gets to have her afternoon nap.

In Washington, the federal government has slowly reconfigured buildings to accommodate new mothers, by adding lactation rooms in Congress, and at more agencies. Rules were also relaxed to allow babies and children on the Senate floor.

In Singapore, workplaces are also becoming more family-friendly. Companies are encouraged to provide flexible work arrangements to allow employees to better manage their family responsibilities while still contributing at work.

It is hoped that such policies will encourage couples to have children, and woo stay-at-home parents back to the workplace.

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