A university for 70somethings in China
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A university for 70somethings in China


With 30 per cent of its population above the age of 60, the small Chinese county of Rudong is turning to innovative ways of keeping its senior citizens active and engaged in community life.

It launched a university for seniors, teaching them everything from Latin dance steps to literature and how to use smartphones. We also recently shared about the Tianjin University for the Elderly.

In Southern Thailand, a school for the elderly was set up as part to prepare the country’s ageing society.

At Stanford University in California, older executives and professionals can enrol in a year-long programme at the Distinguished Careers Institute to redefine their lives and purpose after retirement so they can remain active and productive in society.

Singapore has its own version of the university for seniors. The National Silver Academy provides short courses, exam-free modules and ad-hoc learning for seniors at highly subsidised rates.

Will we see more countries riding on the wave to make learning and education more accessible to seniors in future?

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