A Millennial Hawker
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A Millennial Hawker

Chicken rice seller

Most millennials don’t aspire to be hawkers. Neither did Kai, who co-owns popular roast meat stall Roast Paradise at Old Airport Road hawker centre. In the beginning, he wasn’t even passionate about cooking.

But when Kai and his partner spotted a gap in Singapore’s hawker scene, they took the opportunity. The duo went to Malaysia to learn the basics of roasting meat, and returned to set up their hawker stall.

Close up of Kai

Their passion grew along the way — especially when they heard words of encouragement from satisfied customers. Being hawkers means they don’t have to deal with office politics, writing proposals or work overtime unnecessarily!

As a millennial hawker, Kai keeps a tradition alive. “The hawker trade in Singapore is slowly disappearing because the millennials are not coming in fast enough, and the older generations are slowly exiting,” he says. If this continues, he adds, the variety of food in our hawker centres will diminish.

Chicken rice stall

But Kai is confident that with a good product and heartfelt service, Roast Paradise is here to stay. He says, “Seeing our customers happy makes our job fulfilling, and that makes me and my team want to provide more and do even better in future.”

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