3 big ways sustainable design will shape future cities
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3 big ways sustainable design will shape future cities

Futuristic looking buildings amidst the clouds

The utopian vision of a mega city is one where cars no longer exist. Instead, roads and pavements will be built to make cities easily accessible by walking. At the same time, skyscrapers will be taller than they are now, while cities will be even denser than before.

But as Romona Albert, an American architect notes in this article, this will not necessarily mean over-crowded, polluted cities. New and emerging green tech will allow populations to live in tight spaces while reducing the city’s carbon footprint. In an earlier article, Jan Gehl, world renowned architect, also shared about the joys and challenges of creating people-friendly cities.

Singapore’s own Smart Nation drive as well as the URA Urban Masterplan incorporates many of these elements as we use technology to push past the conventional physical limits of our tiny island.

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