Geralyn Gomes

Geralyn Gomes

Geralyn has an undying love for flower teas, herb gardens, cats and beaches. She's written and edited full time for television, news and magazines and her professional interests include medical, wildlife, travel, lifestyle, culture and food topics. When she's not writing, you're likely to find her sipping at a bowl of pho at a streetfood stall in Asia, hanging with elephants or listening to the waves in some seductively exotic part of the world. Very much a fan of taking the road less travelled, telling stories through her writing is both a passion and a need.


People & Society Articles

Integration in Singapore: A two-way street

Singapore is celebrated as a diverse society welcoming towards newcomers, but living with this diversity comes with its own challenges. Perhaps the answer to a harmonious society lies in recognising that integration is a two-way street.