Angelique Chan

Dr Angelique Chan

Dr Angelique Chan holds joint appointments as Associate Professor in the Signature Program in Health Services & Systems Research, Duke-NUS Medical School and the Department of Sociology, NUS.

She is the founding Director of the Centre for Ageing Research & Education, CARE, at Duke-NUS. Dr. Chan’s research spans 20 years. After completing her post-doctoral fellowship in the US, she returned to Singapore in 1996 to start the first course on ageing and the life course in the Department of Sociology at NUS. At CARE, Dr Chan drives centre’s mission to achieve health, social inclusion and a high quality of life for our ageing population. The centre provides an environment that (i) enables interdisciplinary research and education on ageing (ii) implementation and evaluation of best practices to improve health and function of older adults and (iii) informs policy and practice agenda on ageing. Through CARE, Dr. Chan hopes to grow the next generation of researchers who will continue to provide good evidence for policy making and establish Singapore as a thought leader in this area.

She has published widely on aging issues. Her current research examines disability transitions, mortality, and the effects of social support on health, caregiver burden, and use of long-term care services. She has consulted widely both local and international and sit on several national committees on ageing and education.


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