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Things look different compared to when I was growing up!
People are living a lot longer now. When I was young, 80 was considered old!

Hi James, On the way to work? I’ve just finished tai chi at the park, and I’m going to the library now for my volunteer work.

Then and Now
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  • 2030


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Did you know that the life expectancy of an average Singapore resident increased by 9 years from 1985 to 2015? On average, Singapore residents born in 2030 will likely live 2 years longer than those born in 2015.

Singapore is ageing at a much faster pace than other countries! We have taken 8 years to go from aged to super-aged, compared to 50 for the United Kingdom!

  • Singapore’s falling old-age support ratios

    Over the decades, the ratio of working-age (20-64 years) Singapore residents to those aged 65 and above has fallen drastically. From 9.0 in 2000, to 5.1 in 2017, it stands at just 2.7 today. However, many more people now choose to work past 65, helping to keep our workforce strong!

  • Older Workers: Boon or Bane

    Older workers contribute to our workplaces in many ways! They bring:

    • A strong work ethic and pride in their jobs
    • Unique skills and experience built up over years
    • The ability to mentor less experienced colleagues

When I first started working, we had to manage records and claims manually! Now our programs can handle most things, so our work is easier and more efficient.

  • Rahul Chowdhury (30),
  • Marisol Dizon (29),
    Human Resources Director
  • Michelle Wong (35),
    Senior Architect
  • Imran bin Azman (60),
    Senior Partner
  • Derek De Silva (40),
    Junior Partner
  • Lin Xiang (25),
  • Telecommuting
Building Singapore’s
Future Together



  • Singapore residents aged 65 years & over are fast approaching 1 million, and they all have different needs.

  • Rising demand for options means more opportunities for us to create new residences for every type of lifestyle.

  • Many Solutions to Senior Living

    • Retirement Kampungs
      Letting independent seniors stay close to convenient facilities and amenities.

  • Many Solutions to Senior Living

    • Assisted Living
      For seniors who need a little extra assistance to remain active community members.

  • Many Solutions to Senior Living

    • Integrated living
      Where young and old residents live side by side, helping to take care of one another.

From buses to bridges, upgrading Singapore’s infrastructure keeps our country accessible for all ages!
Special equipment means staying fit is easy at every age.
Giving back can be done with both time and money.
Seniors sharing their expertise help impart new skills to others.
Closer and more convenient than going to the clinic!
Common spaces in 2030 serve many purposes to meet everyone’s needs. See how these spaces have evolved!
With more options for care arrangements, seniors can age in place comfortably and within the community. Kampung Raintree offers round-the-clock medical concierge services and regular day-trips and activities for seniors to enjoy independent, active and more fulfilling silver years.
Valuing diversity and stepping forward to welcome newcomers in our midst.

Marius Hartmann

Marius Hartmann, a 27-year old Swiss engineer working in the city-state appreciates a uniquely Singaporean phenomenon

"I like the fact that people from different nationalities and religions live harmoniously with each other here."

Continuously learning and improving skills, remaining open to new opportunities.

Mdm Suraiya Begam

Madam Suraiya Begam, 43, went back to school after 20 years.

"In 2012, when three of our kids were already quite independent with their school work, my husband suggested that we do something together. He said he would do his degree while I could get my diploma."

Making Singapore a great place for families together.

Michelle Lau

Michelle Lau, 35 and a mother of three, on motherhood.

"There's no magic equation behind being a mother. It is hard work and often, it can get the better of you. But at the end of the day when you see your children embodying emotional maturity and developing a strong sense of identity, it makes everything worth it."

Leading active lives and contributing to the economy and society.

Jarojah D/O S Narayanasamy

Ms Jarojah, a senior nurse manager at Singapore General Hospital's specialist outpatient clinic.

"Except for a little pain in the knees here and there, I have no problem. In fact, I am working like a non-retiree - the same job scope, no change."

Our future remains ours to shape. Working together we can realise a 2030 where our Singapore family continues to grow as one inclusive and caring community, built upon our shared aspirations and experiences.


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