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From helping Singaporeans to start families and raise children, to living alongside people from different backgrounds – find out how we’re building a society for everyone, and keeping the Singapore culture and spirit burning bright.

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The issue

Even as Singapore society continues to change and evolve, we need to remain focused on what makes Singapore society special – to have strong families at the core, to be a caring society where there is a place for everyone, and to be gracious towards people from different backgrounds.

What Being Done

What we need

  1. Making this a great place for starting families, raising children, and building strong multigenerational families.
  2. Greater understanding and appreciation among different people living in Singapore.
  3. Upholding what makes Singapore special – our identity, values and aspirations.


What's being done

  • Promoting a family-friendly environment, such as greater support for working parents through flexible work arrangements and ramping up childcare facilities.
  • Facilitating more social interactions between different groups and raising awareness of shared values and norms.
  • Providing opportunities to celebrate Singapore’s identity, values and roots, and to envision a shared future.

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