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Work-life balance crucial for fathers

Two is better than one, unless it comes to juggling two kids with a career. One study in the United States showed that fathers struggled with the pressures of work especially with the introduction of a second child.

That is why experts believe parental leave is crucial to ensuring that fathers get enough time with their kids.

Giving fathers the space and time needed to bond with their kids in a stress-free environment is one reason why the Singapore Government has moved to raise the amount of parental care leave for dads. From Jan 1 this year, all fathers are entitled to two weeks paid paternity leave. More recently, the public sector is piloting an additional four weeks of unpaid infantcare leave so public servants and their spouses are guaranteed six months of parental leave per couple.

How important is paternity leave to fathers? Let us know what you think about getting dads involved in child-raising.

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