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Toyota looks to robots to help ageing population stay mobile

The Toyota WeWalk WW-1000 is aimed at helping rehabilitate patients with stroke. The company wants to expand its expertise in robots to aid older people as well. Image source: Toyota

Automobile maker Toyota wants to become a mass producer of robots in order to help meet the needs of Japan’s fast ageing population. 

Toyota, the world's second largest automaker, recently launched a rental service for its walk assist system, which helps patients learn how to walk again after suffering from stroke and other conditions. But it wants to do more.

"If there's a way that we can enable more elderly people to stay mobile after they can no longer drive, we have to look beyond just cars and evolve into a maker of robots," Toshiyuki Isobe, chief officer of Toyota's Frontier Research Center, told Reuters in an interview.

Is there more scope for robotics or co-bots to help Singapore’s elderly?

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