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Seniors get to work at their own pace at Japanese pharmacy chain

Sugi Pharmacy’s older workers come in anytime they want and leave whenever they feel like. The Japanese pharmacy also doesn’t check their productivity levels and does not bound the older workers to fixed days of work. This work arrangement is part of the Lively Senior Club Project, which allows those that are aged 65 and above to set their own work schedules.

The flexibility afforded to older workers is a way for the company to keep their older workers happy, and employed as the company looks for fresh ways to tackle the manpower shortage.

In Singapore from 1 July, employers will be required to re-employ older workers up to age 67, from 65 previously. Updating the re-employment age is part of the equation to help older workers stay in work, if they want; the other key piece is how our companies can adapt based on the needs and skillsets of our older workers, to tap on this growing group.

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