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“Daddy’s home!”

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Catching glimpses into the daily life of a stay-home dad in Singapore are rare, considering dual-income families form almost 54% of all residents, and the main role of men have traditionally been seen as the provider of the family. This series of photos reveals insights of the oft-invisible active fathering role of men for their children.

Playing with his two kids every day, watching them grow and being there when they take their first step: These are the magical moments Kenneth Goh experiences as a stay-at-home dad. The 45-year-old left his full-time job at a church to be with his kids, and he relishes every minute of the experience.


Becoming a stay home dad does not mean Kenneth has no work. In fact, he is far busier running after his children, taking care of them and making sure that three-year-old daughter, Danielle, gets to school on time. But it is a responsibility that comes with its own set of joys, and exercise. 


Every night, before they sleep, Kenneth and his wife make it a point to read to their children, opening up their minds to the wonderful world of imagination and fantasy. He also limits his children’s TV-time to 20-30 minutes a day, as he believes that life is best experienced away from the screen.

If one thing about being a stay-at-home dad is clear, it is this: It is not child’s play. But Kenneth has slowly grown both in confidence and competence in the 24/7 job. 


School teacher Lydia Yap, 43, appreciates her husband’s ability to handle problems at home calmly even in the most stressful of situations while she is out at work. While Kenneth’s peers are nearing the peak of their careers, he has no problems giving up his career for now so that he can be with his kids. However, when his children grow older, Kenneth plans to return to the workforce, while actively sharing the parenting load with his wife.

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