Amid the challenges of an ageing population, there are tremendous opportunities that come with increasing longevity. What does it take to make Singapore a home for all ages, and a place where we can grow old with confidence?

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The issue

Our citizen population is ageing rapidly as Singaporeans are living longer, while the birth rate remains low. This will have a profound effect on our society and economy. Demand will rise for services such as healthcare. There will be a smaller pool of working-age Singaporeans to support the older generation, and potentially affecting our economy. What's more, the rapid pace of ageing means that we have a much shorter timeframe to adapt to these changes.

What Being Done

What we need

  1. A positive mindset towards ageing to make the most of the opportunities of increased longevity.
  2. Quality infrastructure and support for seniors and their families.
  3. Strong family and community ties for seniors to enjoy their silver years.


What's being done

  • Comprehensive Action Plan for Successful Ageing to support seniors in pursuing their aspirations even as they age.
  • More lifelong support to meet healthcare and ageing needs, through CPF Life, MediShield Life, Pioneer Generation Fund and Silver Support Scheme.
  • Ramping up infrastructure, with new hospitals, more institutional care options and a senior-friendly living environment.
  • Making workplaces more age-friendly and enhancing employability of mature workers through schemes such as WorkPro and raising the re-employment age to 67 by 2017.

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